All Ears

What is All Ears?

For most students their student time is a period in which major changes take place, a time when they are confronted with existential questions, a formative time in their lives. But sometimes they hardly get an opportunity to really come to grips with it: many students rush through their courses because of the pressure to graduate with a minimum of delay. It is understandable that students get stuck and feel they are floundering, sometimes leading to unpleasant consequences for their health and their studies.

You may find yourself struggling with problems or questions that require understanding and a “listening ear”. It can be a great help just to be able to talk to someone outside your own circle, e.g. to an All Ears worker. All Ears workers are not students themselves, but they are in close contact with students through their professional or personal background. Hence they have an intimate knowledge of the kind of problems “being a student” entails. These talks are low-treshhold and without obligation. You can drop by without an appointment. Everything you discuss remains completely confidential.

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